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. Medium voltage substations.
. Power substations for industrial plants.
. Power distribution systems – low and medium voltages – Aboveground and underground.
. Power distribution (Cables, cabletrays, switchboards, etc).
. Indoor and outdoor lighting systems.
. Surveillance system, including CCTV, access control and intrusion detection.
. Lightning protection system.
. Fire Fighting system (sprinklers, hydrants, special gases).
. Sewer, water and stormwater lines.
. Piping for industrial fluids.
. Machines and equipment installations.
. Electrical assembly and instrumentation of boilers, blast furnaces, rolling mills, converters
continuous casting, etc.

. Construction and electrical & mechanical assemblies of small hydroelectric power plants.
. Design and construction of co-generation power plants.
. Civil works & electrical and mechanical substations assemblies – up to 230 kV.
. Construction of transmission lines – up to 500 kV.
. Construction of transmission and distribution lines – Urban and rural areas.

. Power and industrial substations.
. Industrial facilities.
. Machines and equipment.
. HVAC systems.